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The joy of exploration: Follow the vine to discover more surprises with you

Today, I accidentally discovered that Z-Library actually has a booklist feature. In the past, every time I searched and downloaded a book, there would always be some recommended books that you might be interested in below, and further down would be the booklists that the book is included in. This reminds me of Spotify, where you can see which playlists a song is included in.

The fun of following clues is that every clue could lead you to discover new surprises. When I search for information on the internet, I mostly follow this logic, which is to start with a point and expand from there. A single clue can often lead to countless unknown possibilities.

Imagine this, when you accidentally hear a captivating song on Spotify, you are deeply attracted to it and start searching for the album it belongs to. While listening to the entire album, you develop a deeper interest in the music style of the artist.

At this point, you notice that the album cover design is unique, so you decide to explore other works by the cover designer.

During the process of researching the designer's works, you discover that they have also designed covers for several books. So, you go look for these books and find a fascinating story in one of them.

You are captivated by the characters in the story and decide to further read the book. After understanding the book, you want to continue reading related books and literature, and watch some documentaries.

Through the documentaries, you are guided to watch some movies related to the topic. Eventually, these explorations lead you to connect a few scattered thoughts in your mind, and you write an article.

This is the charm of following clues, a small point of interest can take you on a journey of surprising thoughts.

This mode of exploration, following clues, runs through my life, constantly cycling and discovering new things that surprise me. It is not only applicable to information retrieval, but also the main way I explore the world.

In the ocean of the internet, every point can be a new starting point.

Because of a song, you listen to an album; because of an album, you read a book; because of a book, you learn about a person; because of a person, you try a certain food; because of the food, you make a video; because of the video, you watch a movie; because of the movie, you write a book.

This chain is endless, immersing oneself in it, never getting tired of it.

Always record the new clues and ideas you discover, look at problems from different angles, and you will find more connections and possibilities.

You will continue to explore this world built by the grass stage, discover new map copies, and immerse yourself in the infinite joy of exploring the world.

Unknowingly, I have grown old, and so have you. But in the end, it's all worth it.

Z-Library Booklist Feature

When you finish reading this book, others have already prepared the next one for you.




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