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Randomly Generated Order: Exploring the World Truth of the Grass Stage Team


The truth of this world may really be a grass stage generated by a random seed.

If the straw on the cabbage foam box is of this kind, it is not difficult to imagine that the whole world is a mess of patchwork.

So, in such a seemingly disordered and chaotic world, how should a small individual position oneself?

Self-Positioning and Existential Thinking#

If an ant suddenly realizes that it is an ant, what would it think and do?

As individuals, humans often find themselves deeply pondering their own identity and the meaning of existence.

Do not become too entangled with others, even if the world is random. We can create our own meaning and make our existence valuable. For example, you can write a diary and mock how you see through this grass stage. This is not only a reflection on the essence of the world, but also a way of self-affirmation.

Just like a character in a novel suddenly realizes that they are a two-dimensional symbol, although defined by a lot of text, this book only truly has meaning when it is read by someone.

When we observe this world, the world exists. Our existence and meaning lie in how we interact with the world, and how we are perceived and understood by others.

Randomness and Meaning Creation#

Do not indulge in contemplating the essence of the world, because everything is a predetermined program, a random fate, with no special meaning.

Accept the randomness and uncertainty of the world. Resisting it will only be in vain. It is better to adjust our mindset and find joy in uncertainty.

Whenever I see someone fishing, does the fish know that its fate is being observed by the person fishing, and that the person fishing and the fish are being observed by another person? As long as I don't look, the fish won't bite. Some people say that whether you look or not, the fish will bite. I say maybe not.

Even if the world is a mess, we can still make ourselves better through personal growth. Making ourselves live as comfortably as possible may be a more practical goal.

Individuals cannot change the world, but we can find our own place in this "grass stage" and have a relatively comfortable seat as spectators.

Some people believe that the civilization of this society is driven forward by a small group of people, and that social change occurs through some mysterious forces. But from the perspective of program design, the occurrence of change is generated by a random seed, or the event or reform itself is already predetermined by the program.

Just like an IF statement, once a certain code is triggered, a certain command will be executed. Social change and historical events are pre-determined programs. Whether individuals drive them or not, these events will happen according to a certain logic or pattern.

Everything changes as the Earth rotates.

History Disappearing in Collective Memory#

"The Chinese Internet is Accelerating its Disappearance" just confirms my thoughts. The capacity of individual memory is very limited, and collective memory is not unbreakable. Most of the Chinese Internet data has been cleared, this step is just a reset, the next step is to rewrite, a new collective memory.

It can be filled with new historical data. As for whether you think the data before the reset is particularly important, that is your illusion. How do you know that the data before the reset is necessarily true? Perhaps certain historical points have already been modified or replaced. History is constantly being reset and filled with data.

Currently, artificial intelligence algorithms are becoming more and more like the grass stage of the human world. Big data algorithms generate a bunch of meaningless junk text, and a meaningless life is constantly replayed through some memory-clearing device.

History is like a new topic, opening a new chat box, changing a set of prompts, adjusting the value of the random seed, and it becomes a new century. Different prompts will develop different civilizations, ultimately it is the cycle of life.

You may think that the top figures have some kind of forward-thinking, era-crossing advanced thinking and ideas? Not at all. Sometimes it will surprise you, what kind of algorithm is this humanoid idiot formed by? It looks wise and magnificent on the surface, but look closely, four fingers, three toes. This is a BUG in AI algorithms.

When you think that civilization must be advancing towards a more advanced direction, some civilizations generated by random seeds are regressing. This reminds me of the game "Age of Empires", where civilizations go through different eras: the Stone Age, the Tool Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age.

Each era has its unique technologies, buildings, and units. A civilization can progress from one era to the next, but it can also regress under certain circumstances.

For example, if a civilization suffers significant losses in the Stone Age, it may not be able to continue to develop into the Tool Age. This is usually due to population loss, resource scarcity, or military failure.

In addition, if a civilization is conquered by a more advanced civilization, it may be forced to regress because the conqueror may destroy its buildings and infrastructure.

In the real world, civilization regression can also occur. For example, after the collapse of the Roman Empire in the 5th century, many regions in Europe experienced technological and economic decline. This period is known as the "Dark Ages" and lasted until the early Middle Ages.

I believe that random seeds must follow some triggering logic to change the course of the script, and this cyclical change often takes a century, and we, who exist at this moment, are variables that make up the random seed.

People die, it is the greatest logical calculation. Without this, the world would not exist.


To some extent, each of us is a member of the "grass stage". Although our existence and actions may seem insignificant, they collectively constitute this complex and random world.

Resisting and rejecting these uncertainties will only bring more pain and confusion. On the contrary, if we can accept and embrace this uncertainty, we can find order and meaning in this chaos.

By accepting the essence of the world and creating personal meaning, we can find our own peace and satisfaction in this seemingly chaotic world.

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