Quicker seamless instant translation function, maximizing work efficiency!

Instant Translation Extension

This Chrome extension, shared by teacher Ni Shuang, is quite useful. Its function is to type /en + content in any web page window, press the shortcut key Shift+Enter, and instantly translate and replace the original text.

After using it, I found a few problems:

  • There is a waiting time of about 3 seconds for the intermediate conversion.
  • Sometimes the trigger fails, so you may wait for more than ten seconds, but it does not return the translation.
  • Not all windows are applicable, for example, Notion conflicts with the built-in command when using /.
  • Shift+Enter is a line break command in many windows.

So, how can we achieve instant translation in any dialog box, without delay, global use, and customizable translation commands? There is a way.

Using the instant translation function of Quicker greatly facilitates our work. Especially after Google opened Bard Ai, which currently does not support Chinese, Quicker can achieve writing in Chinese and translating to English with one click, and the translation is displayed on the screen for questioning.

Better Instant Translation

You only need to copy and install the "Translate and Replace [Youdao Edition] Quicker" action.

At the same time, I bind the "Translate and Replace" action to a text command. When I type "en" to trigger the action, it translates and replaces the text, and can be used globally.

Supports translation back and forth between Chinese and English, and can be used in any text box. The speed is very fast, with almost no lag, flowing smoothly.

With this translation action, Bard can be used well. Currently, I think Bard is not better than Claude. It does not support Chinese and the answers are mediocre. But Bard is the fastest free AI answer I have ever used.


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