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Melody in the Sea Breeze: Panxillin - Island and Dawn EP


I personally think that the EP album "Island and Dawn" is very pleasant to listen to.

The lively melody is mixed with the unique salty taste of the sea breeze, as if being on a summer night beach. Holding a beer, barefoot stepping on the soft sand, with the sound of the tide gently hitting the rocks in my ears. Looking up, the stars are scattered across the night sky like peanuts.

The melodies in the album, like the sea breeze on a summer night, carry a touch of coolness and freedom, making people can't help but think of those carefree summer days.

Everyone's perception and understanding of music are unique, just like everyone's interpretation and emotional response to books are different.

Music can evoke deep emotions and memories, it is a direct manifestation of how a person views the world.

There is no need to demand that young people's songs must have the connotation of going through hardships and struggles.

The desperate individual walks alone in this world, has worked hard, suffered, struggled, experienced hardships and tempered stubbornness, and in the end achieved nothing and reconciled with the world like most people, that is Pu Shu.

Panxini Lin is like Pu Shu who has not yet fallen into boundless darkness and struggles to be born. They are still young, and their current state is like in "Ordinary Road", I used to be proud, boiling, with my heart towards the sea and mountains. But I think there is no problem with this state, life always has a beginning, middle, and end.


This song is like Panxini Lin's adaptation of "new boy" in the summer, with a light rhythm and simple lyrics. The lead singer still has confidence in the future, "Passing through the divided sea, traveling alone towards purity, everyone can modify their destiny and present."

Orange Fireworks
A slow song, as if after a day of playing, the happy moments always seem so short. "In the darkness, through the candlelight, your eyes hide melancholy and embrace indifference." I want to walk hand in hand with you on the beach in the night.

Beauty Slope
This song is my personal favorite in this EP. It's like a dream, half asleep and half awake, just like having a beautiful dream, the alarm clock rings, but I don't want to get up, feeling unsatisfied, unable to continue the dream. It's great.

Cloud sails scattered in the sky

Star sea, a short distance away

Slowly sliding to the bottom of the sea

Indulge in your eyes

Watching the tide slowly recede alone, I have some philosophical thoughts, a little bit of style, but as the tide quickly passes, it turns into foam.

Unable to bear more emotions, then simply give a melody, the party is over, everyone wash up and go to sleep.

"Sleep, sleep, all the sad people, just stay tonight."

"What kind of night, what kind of mood, determines what kind of wine to drink tonight, what kind of song to listen to, and what kind of person to think of."

The emotional expression of this album continues the gentle warmth of "Language of Flowers". The lively melody seems to carry the breath of the sea, summer nights, starlight, and beaches; as well as beer, barbecues, seafood, and fishing boats.

The EP structure takes care of both the beginning and the end, small and beautiful, like an essay, recording a day of short trips.

Music is a window to other people's lives and souls, it allows us to understand others while better understanding ourselves.

It seems that modern busy people have lost the ability to sit down and listen to a few complete songs. Thirty-second viral songs on TikTok are compressed as much as possible into ten or fifteen seconds, and then they keep scrolling, leaving only a few lines of the chorus of each song.

I don't understand. But people who pursue instant gratification, who only listen to thirty seconds of a song, must also lose the ability to read long articles, reading three hundred words in one breath is already the limit. So those people cannot persist in reading up to this point.

Perhaps, good music is not just about melody and rhythm, but also about how it touches a certain emotion in our hearts, triggers a certain memory, and then ferments this emotion into a certain action, just like me listening to this album and writing this music review.

Or it triggers a trip or a confession. Inadvertently, it leads us to another scenery of life.

If I were to take my family to the seaside this summer, I think I would definitely choose this album to accompany us all the way, letting the happy emotions brew from the moment we set out, continue to ferment, and become beautiful memories for all of us.

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