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One-click Start the Mind Engine: Pile "Nitrogen Acceleration" Writing Method

In this era of information explosion, we deal with massive amounts of data and information every day. How to effectively organize and utilize this information has become the key to improving personal productivity.

Today, I want to introduce a tool called Pile, which not only helps us efficiently record and manage information, but also injects power into our thinking engine like "nitro acceleration" in racing games, making our thinking and creative process more smooth and efficient.

Pile: More than just a note-taking tool#

The design concept of Pile is different from traditional note-taking tools like Flomo. It is not just about recording fragmented ideas like Flomo, but encourages users to think deeply and extend around a theme or title.

This "linear divergence" thinking mode allows us to focus more on a theme and explore more in-depth content.

The developer's blog at also looks very cool, introducing many timeline elements, so Pile pays great attention to time management and organization. Through the left timeline navigation bar, users can quickly search for notes by date, which is very useful for tracking project progress or reviewing past records.

This layout also helps users maintain the continuity of daily work, as it provides a clear visual clue to represent the passage of time and the accumulation of notes.

Linear Divergence: In-depth exploration of themes#

The process of Pile is not like the spider-web-like divergence of mind maps, but more like a bullet being fired, focused and precise. It guides you to start from a theme and explore in-depth along a predetermined direction, like drawing a straight trajectory.

This linear thinking method, like the trajectory of a bullet, is clear and visible, helping you organize your thoughts systematically, avoiding scattered ideas, and ultimately reaching the goal to form a deep understanding.


AI Assistance: "Nitro Acceleration" for Thinking#

Pile's AI assistant function is like an efficient water purifier, continuously filtering and purifying the flowing thoughts. When you encounter writer's block or stagnant thoughts during writing, AI acts like the nitro acceleration in racing games, injecting instant vitality, helping you overcome obstacles and maintain smooth output.

You just need to think freely without worrying about disorder. AI, like a water purifier, filters out impurities, integrates the fragments of your thoughts after repeated thinking, and finally outputs clear, smooth, and logical text, achieving the standard of "healthy drinking".

The nitro acceleration in the "Need for Speed" series of games allows players to achieve instant speed increase in intense and exciting races. Similarly, the AI assistant function in the Pile tool can also provide us with instant acceleration on the track of our thinking.

This experience not only makes the thinking process more interesting but also greatly improves our work efficiency.


Imperfect but Full of Potential#

Of course, Pile is not perfect yet. Its search function needs to be strengthened, and the lack of a mobile version limits its flexibility. However, with the continuous efforts of the developers, we have reason to believe that Pile will become more powerful and perfect.

The future development direction of Pile includes integrating AI output function to achieve rapid generation of complete articles; enhancing search capabilities to improve information retrieval efficiency; and launching a mobile version to remove the limitations of time and location on creativity.

Pile provides us with a new way of thinking and creation. It not only helps us efficiently record and manage information but also provides instant assistance when our thinking encounters bottlenecks.

Just like the nitro acceleration in racing games, the Pile tool allows our thinking engine to maintain high speed at any time.

Looking forward to more possibilities of the Pile tool, let's experience the exciting "nitro acceleration" on the track of thinking together!

This article was completed in Pile for thinking drafts, optimized and integrated in ChatBox, and further output in Obsidian. The illustrations in the text were generated using Midjourney or DALL·E 3.

Attached are screenshots of Pile's creative ideas👇




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