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How to correctly set up xLog social links?


Today, I accidentally clicked on the xLog footer social media icon and found that the redirection was incorrect, even though the correct link was written.

After a brief observation, the link after redirection is:

Based on the platform name, the website automatically recognizes and adds the social media domain prefix.

Therefore, the correct way to write it is:

xLog Settings → Social Platforms → Identity (take the last name of the link)

As shown in the figure, it is clear at a glance.


When the link is added, the icon is correct and I am confident, so I didn't do any testing. That's why I only discovered it now.

Did you fill it in correctly?

In addition, for links other than mainstream social media platforms, I found that they do not redirect after testing.

I think xLog prompts should indicate that the Identity field does not require the full link, only the name needs to be filled in, and provide an example to enhance the user experience.

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