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Obsidian's AI Treasure: Text Generator unleashes your writing potential


AI Catalyst in Obsidian#

Last time we introduced "One-click activation of the thinking engine: Pile 'Nitrogen Acceleration' writing method - Cold Bench". When you experience lag in linear writing, use AI to assist. If I don't want to use Pile, can I use AI in Obsidian?

By filling in the Gemini API in Obsidian's Text Generator plugin, it's like injecting a brand new element into Tony Stark's Ark Reactor, instantly activating the "Jarvis power".

Google Gemini supports mainstream AI tools on the market, acting as a magical key that opens the door to wonders. It is not only free but also powerful, making it the best choice for exploring artificial intelligence.

The strength of the Text Generator lies in its flexible triggering methods.

You can use methods such as clicking the icon, right-clicking the icon, slash wake-up, and shortcut keys to trigger comprehensive AI assistance for the entire note, batch notes, selected content in an article, content at the cursor, etc.

In other words, you can use any method to apply AI assistance to notes and text within notes, such as translation, summarization, generating titles, rephrasing, and other operations.

There are many Text Generator videos online, so I won't go into installation and regular operations.

I just want to tell you guys, with so many generation methods, what are the differences, and which ones are the most frequently used operations in actual writing?

Practical Tips for Text Generator#

Two spaces: Trigger continuation by typing two consecutive spaces after a paragraph

Select a paragraph of text or place the cursor at the end of a paragraph, quickly type two spaces, and AI will continue the text based on the selected paragraph. The interesting thing is that it can generate several continuation options for you to choose from.



Ctrl+J: Quote paragraph text and answer questions

When using this shortcut, the current paragraph is treated as a question to be answered. In other words, you can ask questions in the text and get corresponding answers.


Ctrl+Alt+J: Quote paragraph text and create the entire article

After using this shortcut, the paragraph content is combined with the article attributes and title to continue writing.

Why use a diary format? Because I wrote this article directly in a diary, so it generates an article format in the style of a diary.


Right-click on the Generator icon: Quote paragraph content and answer questions

Similar to Ctrl+J, but with more detailed answers.



Click on the left navigation icon: Quote paragraph content and answer questions

This effect is similar to the right-click menu icon, perhaps a different entry point for the same functionality.



Use / to bring up templates: Generate corresponding template answers by referencing the entire content

Use a slash to bring up templates, automatically recognize the entire text, quote the entire text or only keep a certain paragraph, click generate, and apply the template prompt to answer the content.



Use shortcut commands: Generate using templates after selecting text

Customize the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+k to open "Text Generator: Templates: Generate & Insert" and select a template to apply it to the selected text.



The specific AI assistance method to use depends entirely on your personal habits.

Personally, I use the double-space continuation and shortcut key template application methods more often.

The benefit of double-space continuation is that it can generate different versions of text for you to choose from. Another method is to select text and use a shortcut key to generate using a template. This method is flexible and allows for high control over the text.

Practice is better than theory. Personally try different AI generation methods, find the method that suits your writing rhythm, and incorporate it into your workflow.

One thing to note is that the generated text may vary slightly when selecting text versus when the cursor is at the end of a paragraph.

When the cursor is at the end of a paragraph, the model needs to consider the paragraph structure and contextual information to generate text that matches the theme and length of the paragraph.

When selecting multiple paragraphs of text, the model's task becomes more complex because it needs to generate text that matches the selected content and length while maintaining coherence and consistency with the surrounding paragraphs.

These subtle differences require continuous exploration and understanding through various tests and comparisons. Different texts need to be generated in different ways, representing different triggering methods.

Flexible Guide to Using Text Generator#

By mastering the various AI generation methods mentioned above, you can become proficient in your writing rhythm. Whenever you encounter a block, trigger AI assistance and complete an article with momentum.

This AI-assisted writing method is often criticized for taking shortcuts, but in fact, it is an effective writing tool that can help us overcome writing obstacles and improve writing efficiency.

If we compare writing to a marathon, then AI is the supply station along the way. It can provide us with inspiration, materials, and structure, allowing us to complete writing tasks at a faster speed and higher quality.

In the past, didn't you have to search on Baidu for information? AI-assisted tools allow you to stay in the editing window and focus more on the current creation, seamlessly integrating information into your writing notes.

Of course, relying too much on AI will lead to the loss of your own writing style and creativity. Nitrogen acceleration is only effective when used in moderation. Otherwise, if you only write a title and let AI write the rest, regardless of the quality of the article, what improvement does it bring to you personally?

The correct approach is to treat AI as a writing assistant rather than a substitute. We can use the advantages of AI to improve writing efficiency, but at the same time, we must maintain our independent thinking and critical thinking.

I believe that completing the act of writing is more important than achieving perfection.

Once you start, you must persevere and finish it, regardless of the outcome. Don't be afraid of others' ridicule, as their ridicule can only become nourishment for your progress.

Even if the work is not perfect, it is better than a blank piece of paper.

As a sense of accomplishment accumulates, confidence will also increase. This positive cycle can motivate you to continue producing and create a continuous source of motivation.

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