Expand creative space: Ai quickly modifies creative images in PS Beta.


It is recommended to install a reliable source, ahhhhfs Adobe PhotoShop 2023 Beta 24.6 with built-in Ai drawing function, and download the compressed package step by step.

After extracting, there are specific steps to follow:

  • Register a new account, why choose India? 🤔
  • Download PS through Adobe Creative Cloud. The document does not specify which one to download and where to download it. I almost downloaded PS in graphic design. The actual download path is in "beta applications".

Pasted image 20230608140652

  • Installations were interrupted at 65% several times in VPN mode. Close VPN, redownload, and install successfully.
  • The software kept crashing when opened for the first time. Go back to Adobe Creative Cloud and choose the 7-day trial to open the software normally.
  • After testing, proceed with cracking as mentioned in the document.
  • The software crashed several times during use, especially when switching between Chinese and English input methods.

Try it out

Learn the most efficient way through practical needs.

Create a steampunk-style image in Leonardo Ai. In the past, I directly used 16:9 aspect ratio. After comparing countless images, I found that the best resolution for Ai creation is 1024X1024. Now, the question is how to expand a square image to 16:9?

Adobe PhotoShop 2023 Beta 24.6's latest Ai filling function can achieve this, and it works well for expanding, modifying, and enhancing images. However, the downside is that it is prone to crashing, so be sure to save your files at all times.

Pasted image 20230608145950

From the perspective of image processing alone, images created by Midjourney or Leonardo Ai can be imported into PS for further expansion, filling, and modification, allowing for more creative freedom.

The beta PS patch tool has become more user-friendly, and the gradient tool's capabilities have also greatly improved. Looking forward to Illustrator having more powerful Ai functions as well.

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