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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meditation: Ancient Inheritance of Secrets

Ancient extraterrestrial visitors came to Earth and imparted medical knowledge to ancient China. They taught about medicine, acupuncture, and emphasized the importance of spiritual cultivation. The combination of medicine and spiritual cultivation benefited Earth's civilization.

Mysterious Visitors

Five thousand years ago, Earth welcomed unexpected guests. They came from a planet civilization tens of thousands of light-years away and possessed advanced interstellar travel technology.

Through their unique foresight abilities, the extraterrestrials observed that Earth, still in its early stages of civilization, would soon face the invasion of diseases. The primitive conditions on Earth made it difficult to avoid the occurrence and spread of epidemics.

In order to help the intelligent life on this blue planet improve their quality of life, they decided to impart their medical knowledge. These wise beings from distant star systems chose ancient China as the first base to spread their knowledge.

Thus, these mysterious extraterrestrial visitors began to teach the art of medicine to the most intelligent individuals of that time. They passed down theories of yin and yang, the five elements, and the meridian system, initiating the history of the use of medicine and acupuncture in Chinese civilization.

However, the extraterrestrials also knew that merely imparting medical knowledge was not enough. To truly improve the quality of a civilization's life, the cultivation of the mind and spirit was even more important.

Therefore, they also taught various meditation techniques, instructing people on how to achieve a high level of unity between body and mind by controlling their thoughts and emotions.

In the overall concept of the extraterrestrials, medicine and spiritual cultivation were inseparable. Only by combining the two as a whole could they truly benefit Earth's civilization. Unfortunately, the ancient Chinese people had a distorted understanding of meditation, and this practice was eventually learned by a prince from ancient India who liked to rest under a big tree, leading to its further development—a story for another time.

Harmony of Heaven and Humanity

Traditional Chinese medicine sees the human body as a whole, emphasizing the harmony of body and mind, and the balance of yin and yang. This aligns with the holistic thinking of the extraterrestrials.

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the unity of heaven and humanity, believing that humans should follow nature and conform to its laws for the various systems of the body to function harmoniously. This philosophy also extends to the treatment aspect of traditional Chinese medicine, which not only resolves symptoms but also harmonizes the spirit.

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine not only takes care of the symptoms but also regulates emotions to achieve unity of body and mind. It can be said that traditional Chinese medicine embodies the holistic concept of harmony that the extraterrestrials hoped to convey.

Another core element is Qi. Traditional Chinese medicine considers Qi as the fundamental element of life, and the circulation of Qi and blood in the meridians directly affects health.

Traditional Chinese medicine views the human body as a whole and emphasizes the balance of yin and yang. It regulates the body's Qi, blood, and spirit through methods such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, and massage. Traditional Chinese medicine seeks not only to eliminate symptoms but also to achieve harmony and unity of body and mind.

Meditation is a practice that achieves physical and mental relaxation and emotional balance through mental activities. It allows us to shift our attention from the noisy external world to our inner world, calming our minds and focusing our spirits. Meditation can have effects such as stress relief and enhanced immunity.

Spiritual Enhancement

Meditation was passed down by the extraterrestrial visitors as a complementary practice to traditional Chinese medicine, with the aim of helping Earth's civilization improve the quality of life.

Meditation shifts our attention from the external noise to our inner selves, calming our minds and releasing stress. By continuously focusing and practicing meditation, our minds can reach unprecedented clarity.

When wisdom is awakened deep within our consciousness, our character is also elevated, generating tremendous positive energy. This positive energy not only purifies our own souls but also influences the people around us and even the entire society.

It can be said that the importance of personal spiritual cultivation through meditation is as significant as the importance of traditional Chinese medicine in maintaining physical health. The extraterrestrial visitors viewed the two as a whole, hoping to fully utilize their combined power to benefit the people of Earth.

In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, the activities of human life are formed by the interaction of yin and yang. Yin and yang here are not simply two opposing forces but rather two fundamental attributes that encompass all things.

The practice of meditation also emphasizes the balance of body and mind, reaching a state of high unity. It allows our inner selves to become tranquil, peacefully observing our thoughts and emotions instead of being controlled by them.

It can be seen that both traditional Chinese medicine and meditation emphasize the achievement of high unity through the harmonization of one's own attributes. Traditional Chinese medicine's emphasis on the balance of yin and yang aligns with meditation's regulation of body and mind.

Energy Guidance

When we explore traditional Chinese medicine and meditation, we discover profound connections between the two.

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the circulation of Qi, which aligns with the internal energy flow experienced during meditation. Guiding this energy to all parts of the body can enhance bodily functions and self-healing capabilities.

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the coordination and balance of organ functions. Meditation can adjust the central nervous system to relax the body, aiding in the regulation of organ functions and improving the body's self-regulation and repair capabilities.

It can be seen that traditional Chinese medicine provides us with a perspective to understand the scientific mechanisms of meditation's effects on the body and mind. This is exactly what the extraterrestrial visitors hoped for, as traditional Chinese medicine theory supports and guides the practice of meditation. Both are indispensable in order to achieve the maximum benefit.

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the coordination and balance of organ functions. Meditation has a relaxing effect on the body and mind, aiding in the regulation of organ functions and improving the body's self-regulation and self-healing capabilities.

Acupuncture stimulates acupoints, mobilizing Qi and blood circulation. Meditation also promotes the coordinated functioning of various body systems, producing similar overall regulatory effects.

It can be seen that traditional Chinese medicine theory effectively explains the scientific mechanisms of meditation's effects on the body and mind. This provides a theoretical basis for us to continue practicing meditation in secular society.

Scientific Validation

With the advancement of science and technology, more and more research is being conducted to validate the effects of meditation.

Neuroimaging studies on meditation have shown increased blood flow in specific brain regions during meditation. This indicates that meditation can trigger changes in bodily activity. Experiments have also revealed the positive effects of meditation on brain function.

In short, modern science provides evidence to support the relationship between traditional Chinese medicine and meditation. This confirms the significance of ancient traditions and encourages more people in the modern world to recognize and adopt the power of traditional Chinese medicine and meditation. Scientific recognition undoubtedly brings new vitality to this ancient wisdom.

Related research has also confirmed the positive effects of meditation on the body. An analysis of studies showed that meditation can lower heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and other physiological indicators, reduce stress responses, and enhance attention.

Scientists have also discovered that the brainwave patterns of meditators are different from those of ordinary individuals. During meditation, there is a significant increase in blood flow in specific brain regions. This indicates that meditation can indeed cause changes in physiological activity.

Traditional Chinese medicine theory not only explains the essence of these changes but also provides a framework for guiding meditation practices, making them more targeted.

Interstellar Inheritance

Looking back now, we can feel the good intentions of the ancient extraterrestrial visitors. They passed down traditional Chinese medicine and meditation as a whole, a concept that transcends our time and space. However, traditional Chinese medicine and meditation have become two distinct systems of practice in modern times.

To separate the two is a crude way of thinking for transcendent universal consciousness. The alignment we feel today between traditional Chinese medicine and meditation is the result of the seeds of that ancient inheritance sprouting and bearing fruit in the long river of history.

When we continue this inheritance with a holistic mindset, perhaps it is the scene that the ancient visitors hoped to see. Love from cosmic life will always find a path of inheritance. This connection also links us to the vast universe.

The wisdom contained in traditional Chinese medicine and meditation is a gift from ancient interstellar civilizations. As we continue to explore this connection and apply it to our lives, we may not be alone.


  • On September 12, 2023, the Mexican Congress held its first public hearing on "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" (UAP), and two bodies suspected to be "extraterrestrial beings" were presented.

  • These two bodies were showcased by Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan, who claimed to have discovered them in Peru in 2017. They are believed to be 1,800 and 700 years old, respectively, with three fingers, large heads, and eyes. They contain rare metal implants and objects resembling eggs.

  • Maussan also claimed that scientists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico conducted DNA tests on the bodies and found that nearly one-third of the DNA was unknown.


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