Immersive Translation: A captivating efficiency tool.

This Chrome Immersive Translation extension is really powerful! It quietly updated several amazing hidden features.

For the majority of web input boxes, you can quickly convert Chinese to English (or change the target language) by using "// 你好吗 + three spaces". This is better than

Of course, since "Immersive Translation" cannot be used outside of the browser, Quicker's seamless instant translation feature, maximizing work efficiency! can still hold on for a while.

Last time, I recommended the Greasy Fork Automatic Translation Machine with all the features. "Immersive Translation" has them all. It not only translates web pages but also allows for bilingual reading of PDF files and online reading websites for epubs. It provides comprehensive translation without any language barriers, so language is no longer a reason to hinder your learning.

"Immersive Translation" can even customize the display style of translation meanings. The developer is a meticulous person who considers everything, hopefully, they haven't gone bald yet.

I especially like the automatic translation feature for specified web pages. When I open an interesting topic, the comments and replies are automatically translated. When you need to reply, use the "Immersive Translation" space conversion feature to read the comments smoothly without any blockage.

"Immersive Translation" intelligently recognizes the content area of the web page and can automatically detect the language. It will automatically translate non-Chinese text. It does not translate things like advertisements and recommendations outside of the content area to avoid page redundancy. It provides bilingual display for easy reading.

Such a conscientious and useful extension is truly moving.

A good efficiency tool can indeed touch people's hearts.

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