探索笔记和效率工具,让学习与工作更高效 🚀

ChatGPT is a free faucet, allowing beginners to easily access the API.

ChatGPT API Faucet is a public welfare project that allows developers in the AI ecosystem to receive $1 for free every 24 hours.

The faucet in the AI community, you can receive one token every 24 hours for developing and testing AI products This project can also be automatically deployed, and I think it can be used with Vercel.


How to use?#

Open ChatGPT API Faucet, enter your email, and after entering the email verification code, you will receive an API token and interface address.

The operation is simple and clear, just replace the API and interface. The problem lies here. For a beginner like me, I thought I only needed to replace the token in the settings of the ChatGPT-like software. This method is wrong!

Sometimes we get some public welfare ChatGPT APIs shared online, but when using these tokens, there are usually errors. At this time, most people, including myself, would think that the API is invalid. After trying several times and failing, they give up.

It turns out that when you use a public welfare API, you must replace the corresponding API interface! In other words, you can't just copy a free token, you also need to modify the corresponding interface domain name to the service provider of the free token.

I have always wanted to use OpenAI Translator, an open-source translation software. It has a feature that attracts me a lot, which is the ability to implement a "immersive translation" plugin that can translate and replace text with one click in any input box.

The immersive translation plugin can only be used in the browser, which is a bit limited, but OpenAI Translator can use this feature globally.

The following GIF can intuitively feel the convenience of one-click translation with OpenAI Translator, when using similar stable diffusion AI drawing tools, input prompts, without the need to call other translation software.


So how do you correctly fill in the token obtained from the faucet into the ChatGPT-like software?

Take OpenAI Translator translation software as an example. We open its settings and replace the API and interface address. Understand it with one picture!


Whether it is a browser plugin, desktop software, or Obsidian plugin, if you need to use ChatGPT API for free or purchase third-party tokens, you basically need to fill in these two places, and you must not forget to replace the corresponding domain name, otherwise the API will not work.

Ordinary people generally do not use the ChatGPT API frequently, and basic ones like Claude and poe are enough for daily needs. However, there are also some opportunities for occasional use in work, such as OpenAI Translator, Obsidian plugins, etc. This public welfare faucet is a bit like the Crossbell Faucet needed for xLog posting.

Therefore, it is very suitable for occasional users who occasionally call the ChatGPT API.

Expanding ideas#

As for how long the $1 from the ChatGPT API faucet can be used, I haven't tested it.

If it meets daily needs, you can receive it once a month; if the demand is greater, it is better to directly purchase third-party tokens from the interface provider of ChatGPT API, the cheapest is only $1, what else do you want!


With this public welfare faucet, we can continuously try ChatGPT-like services. For example, I personally think that integrating Chatbox in uTools is very useful, let me demonstrate it to you.


After installing this uTools plugin, in the settings, fill in the token and link to use it happily. In global mode, you can quickly call out the ChatGPT chat box and complete your daily text creation needs.


This is the daily use scenario of ChatGPT API for ordinary people, I hope it helps you.

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