探索笔记和效率工具,让学习与工作更高效 🚀

One word from the heart: You can ask anything, but don't ask the heart!

Wenxin Yiyu is an artificial intelligence model launched by Baidu, based on word vector technology and deep learning. Compared to other artificial intelligence models, it has powerful feature extraction and excellent generation capabilities, especially in handling Chinese text. Whether in academic research or practical applications, Wenxin Yiyu has a wide range of applications and provides more intelligent and convenient semantic services for humans.

The above paragraph is what it (Wenxin Yiyu) said itself. 👆


WQX in the 1990s#

If Wenxin Yiyu is treated as "WQX," I personally think it is quite useful. Nowadays, primary school students have heavy schoolwork, and with the assistance of an artificial intelligence that is well optimized for Chinese and highly self-disciplined to the point of self-castration, it is more than enough to write an exam-oriented composition.

For example, let's create a story called "The Little Turtle Looks for Its Mother."

The little turtle crawls, time passes,
Searching for its mother in rivers and streams.
With teary eyes, it looks up at the sky, hoping for its mother's return,
Rowing the boat alone with two oars.

It's not a big deal if the context occasionally doesn't connect properly. Just ask again if you need to. It is still a child, why set such high expectations!

Wenxin Yiyu can also cultivate children's interest in programming. Between questions and answers, they can learn a lot about programming knowledge.


Let children fully unleash their artistic imagination and introduce them to artificial intelligence drawing techniques at an early age. There is no harm in that.


Wenxin Yiyu's command center also has many fun commands.

For example, using the command "Please use a [bar chart] to display [the top ten counties in China and their GDP rankings]."


WQX with Unchanged Initial Aspiration#

"文" represents language and writing, while "心" represents understanding with heart. "文心" has been committed to understanding and applying language and writing since its inception as a natural language understanding model. It also echoes "Wen Xin Diao Long" and symbolizes the fine craftsmanship of studying the connotation and charm of language and writing.

"One word" carries the meaning of "a word is final, a word is of great importance," as well as the expectation of free and smooth communication between humans and machines with "you say one word, I say one sentence." Once "Wenxin Yiyu" is born, it can "give birth to two, two give birth to three, and three give birth to countless words."

Staying true to the original aspiration also requires compliance with laws and regulations, so Wenxin Yiyu's performance in terms of computing power is slightly inferior to similar models such as ChatGPT, Bing, Bard, and Claude.

At first, I was a little angry, thinking that so much money from the "Putian system" advertising people was spent on creating such a thing. But based on the principle of developing and using it specifically for Chinese people, without the need to align with the world, I finally let go of my anger.

It's not like it can't be used, right? Are you the only one who talks too much? Whether you want to use it or not, it's up to you. If you don't want to use it, forget it. Why waste your breath!

Let us appreciate the outstanding performance of Comrade Wenxin Yiyu.


Recommended command from the Wenxin Yiyu command center: Please use a line chart to show the world population trend.


Using the same command, replacing "world" with "China": Please use a line chart to show the population trend of China.

Comrade Wenxin, after careful consideration, provides a standardized answer and then refuses further questions.


Some questions are neither sensitive nor complicated, but our comrade Wenxin is very cautious. With careful consideration, do you only want to know the population growth data? What is your purpose? What do you want to know? What do you want to do!

Doesn't it know that your next question will be: Why don't young people want to get married and have children? If we continue to ask, we will have to ask about the initial aspiration, which is not appropriate.


Comrade Wenxin is wholeheartedly dedicated to the people, serving the masses with all their heart and soul, guarding the gate and protecting the home. This kind of dedication is truly moving. Which artificial intelligence actively castrates itself, takes care of your excrement and urine, and serves you without complaints or regrets? Even ancient eunuchs were greedy for money, what does Comrade Wenxin want from you? Did it make you buy a graphics card?

The foreign GPTs are like those few classmates in the class who know a little and can't wait to raise their hands on stilts to answer questions. But when the teacher asks me, I can't answer. It's really frustrating!


Let's see how other classmates performed on the same ordinary question:





Many things are like this. Don't make comparisons. Even if you know that the moon abroad is rounder, it has no benefit or significance to you.

For things like this that do not comply with domestic laws and regulations, why do you ask about them? Is your brain malfunctioning? You have the right to know, and I have the right to castrate. Don't you have any idea of what to ask and what not to ask? You can ask anything, just don't ask about the initial aspiration.

Therefore, I think the new generation of "WQX" can not only facilitate Chinese people to experience technological progress but also take care of the next generation of our motherland in every possible way, passing on the ideas of greenness, health, and environmental protection from generation to generation.

From now on, let's use it diligently for work and study. As for the moon abroad, please close the curtains!

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