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Experience the mobile version of xLog and solve the connection login issue.

xLog released its mobile version a few days ago. I have an Android phone, so I installed xLog to try it out. However, I encountered a few problems.


How to log in
I feel that xLog doesn't have the concept of user accounts. Instead, it uses a connection through a Firefox extension. There is a Chrome extension for the PC version, but when logging in on a mobile device using Firefox, it redirects to the browser. Regular mobile browsers don't have the ability to install extensions, so I couldn't log in.

I found a solution in the Discord community: install Metamask. When logging in for the first time, you need a mnemonic phrase, which is very important. Luckily, I had it saved in my notes.

Every time I use a new device, besides the mnemonic phrase, I also need to enter a new password. Does this password overwrite the one on the PC? I haven't tested it, but I've been using the same password and haven't encountered any errors.

Therefore, I feel that MetaMask associates the account through the mnemonic phrase, but the passwords are independent on each device. Is that correct?

In conclusion, I successfully connected to xLog and can now enjoy using it.


Why doesn't MetaMask on the mobile show CSB balance?

This blogger explained it very carefully and provided complete screenshots. Following his tutorial, I successfully changed How to manually add $CSB to your MetaMask - Hohhoter so that CSB is the default instead of ETH.

If this step is not done, when xLog on the mobile device is able to publish articles, where will it deduct the tokens from?

This leads to the following questions:

  • What are the differences between CSB, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies?
  • How can CSB be recharged? How can these currencies be exchanged with each other?
  • Besides CSB, can xLog use other tokens?


Initial experience

xLog is currently in the testing phase and lacks some features. I installed the app with great anticipation, hoping to be able to publish articles through my phone. However, this feature is currently unavailable.

Although I don't often use mobile devices to publish blogs, since this app exists, I hope to have an additional channel for publishing articles.

The page loading speed is quite slow, and the hot list doesn't refresh.

I believe that these issues will be resolved soon.

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