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How to repair long-term self-inflicted brain damage


I always choose to watch Wang Ju's programs. Everyone has their own judgment on whether his opinions are right or not. I watch Wang Ju, Sanren, and Wang Ju for the same news event, and then think and analyze to see who makes more sense and can ultimately become my nourishment. It's a 70% fate and 30% luck.

For someone who has been carrying the burden of thoughts for a long time, the real purpose of watching these big-name programs is not to blindly listen and believe, but to gradually restore the ability to think independently. However, I doubt that the brain damage caused by long-term self-castration is irreversible. The most obvious manifestation is that I find everyone's arguments reasonable, but I cannot form my own reasoning. My brain is always in a passive receiving mode, and my ability to think and analyze actively is very weak.

Today, Wang Ju's Twitter account was permanently suspended, and what's behind it is unknown. I still hope to have multiple perspectives for analyzing and explaining various news and current events. Each person's viewpoint has its own merits, which may be a way to repair brain nerves.

Finding evidence of Wang Ju's external propaganda is more exciting than reading detective novels. By finding some clues in other people's viewpoints, it requires mobilizing various brain nerves and exercising the brain's information retrieval, filtering, analysis, and processing abilities.

Why does everyone say he is bad? Where exactly is he bad? Others can see it at a glance, but why can't I? What's wrong with my brain?

For most people inside the wall, who have been immersed in well-trained data streams for a long time, they have no idea that there are flavors other than peppered chicken feet, such as Sichuan pepper, spicy, Thai style, etc.! Although they are all chicken feet, the methods are different.

I may not agree with your viewpoint, but I defend your right to speak. I don't have a good or bad impression of Wang Ju. What I value is his ability to express a news event logically and clearly, which is worth learning. As for whether his opinions are biased or have hidden motives, you have to figure it out for yourself. If you can't judge for yourself and simply believe what others say about him being bad, then what's the difference between you and an idiot?

I have a friend who once mentioned the "Blank Paper Movement" while drinking. I said I support them on WeChat public account and almost got banned. He said it's just a group of college students who have read too many books and gone crazy.

We are still friends, but we no longer confide in each other. If my brain is always in that "tomorrow will be better" state inside the wall, I wouldn't think so much. I might just receive the signal that it's just a small group of college students causing trouble. But I know that's not the truth.

Therefore, I think it's so important to keep various sources of information open. I am more inclined to the viewpoint recommended by Xiao Cui, Wang Zhi'an: Leaving the Team, Revealing the True Nature - YouTube. Wang Ju, who is not supported by the team, tends to make sensational statements and take a biased perspective in order to gain attention. It seems a bit rushed to be objective just for the sake of objectivity.

But I insist that expressing personal opinions freely is the fundamental right of every person who longs for freedom. If the democratic world also wants to silence whoever they want, then what's the difference between inside and outside the wall? I went through great efforts to climb over the wall just to change from hating this to hating that?

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