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WeChat Input Method + WeChat Reading: AI assistant helps you communicate easily and quickly access information!

Today I want to share with you a brand new skill of the WeChat input method - summoning the AI assistant! Just press the "=" key after entering the content, and an intelligent AI assistant will appear at your fingertips, providing you with thoughtful answers and suggestions.


AI Assistant: Your Chatting and Searching Helper#

Imagine, when you are chatting, this AI assistant can help you understand the other person's mind in seconds, making communication smoother; when you need to search for information, it can help you quickly find the information you want, making searching no longer lost. This is not just an input method, it is an efficiency tool, making your communication barrier-free and searching more efficient.


Integrated AI Input Method: Future Trend#

The biggest advantage of integrating AI functions into input methods is that when you are fully engaged in writing, you don't have to repeatedly switch pages to search for certain information, causing interruptions in your thinking. I believe that with the development of technology, input methods with integrated AI functions will become a standard feature of major brands, possibly including functions such as voice input automatic formatting and output.


Deep Integration with WeChat Reading#

The special feature of WeChat input method's AI lies in its deep integration with WeChat Reading. When you need to reference some professional knowledge, directly quoting text from domestic and foreign books is undoubtedly more flexible and authoritative than using Baidu Baike.

The answers provided by the AI assistant are provided by WeChat Reading's AI Wen Shu, clicking on the link can directly jump to the page where the text is quoted in WeChat Reading, allowing you to better understand the problem through context, and even read a book through this search method.


For example, when I search for "rumination thinking," the AI assistant not only provides references to relevant books, but also helps me discover interesting books and successfully adds them to my reading list, waiting for me to find time to read.

Small Feature, Great Convenience: One-click Copy Image#

Finally, the WeChat input method also provides a small and practical feature - one-click copy image. Although this feature is simple, it can greatly improve efficiency when needed, making your work more convenient.


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